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The 51st Annual ACS Victorian and Tasmanian Awards for Cinematography 2017

Awards entries open on Tuesday August 1st and close on Friday August 18th 2017 at 5pm. Late entries will not be accepted.

All entry forms and media must have been received by ACS by the closing time.

Submission of media can be made by delivery of physical drives or uploading via the Awards dashboard (maximum upload file size of 10 GB).

It is essential that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions and Submission guidelines to ensure your entries are judged. if you submit incorrect formats or files that won't play, we will not judge them. ACS will not chase you up for the correct file. The onus is on you to follow the awards requirements so please be sure to conform for both your paperwork, media and labelling.

Below are links for all you need.

Good luck!

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