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It is the policy of the Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS) that every member of the Society and the greater Film and Television industry has the right to work in an environment free from any gender, race, disability, religious, sexual orientation discrimination or harassment and bullying of any kind. This includes any verbal, emotional, physical, cyber or sexual harassment.

The Society will not tolerate any behaviour that is considered threatening or dis-respectful towards or by any of our members or guests.

~ ACS National Executive, December 2017

The ACS Policy Committee

The ACS has an active Policy Committee first formed at the Annual
 General Meeting (AGM) on 16 September 2007, for the purpose of researching and 
formulating policy for the National Executive of the ACS.
The Policy Committee is ready to address policy issues as they arise and to initiate policy discussions as and when necessary. Over the past year, the President has raised several issues with the committee, from cinematographers' copyright & moral rights, to discussion with Screen Australia, and there are several issues that the committee will need to address in the future.

It remains important for the ACS to have a process in place for addressing any policy issues swiftly as they arise. And in the coming years, we hope that we'll be able to engage more of our members in discussions about issues that will determine the future of our industry.

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The ACS Policy Committee welcomes submissions from members on policy review.
Please complete the form below which will be forwarded to the ACS Policy 
Increasingly, we are aiming to work closely with other industry Guilds to reach 
agreement on policy decisions and on media statements wherever possible.
The ACS Policy Committee encourages all our members to be active on policy issues that will determine the future of cinematographers in Australia and beyond.
Wherever possible we encourage strong, positive debate that enables us to work together and cohesively to create a united viewpoint for all our members.
The committee currently consists of:

Policy Committee

CHAIR: Ron Johanson OAM ACS (National)
David Wakeley ACS (NSW)
Ted Rayment ACS (NSW)
Andrew Hyde (NT)
Erika Addis (QD)

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