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Sony Australia

Our Vision

Across the world, in all the entertainment and communication sectors in which we operate, every Sony employee is united through a common set of beliefs, ideals and aspirations. This is our Vision.

Sony is a company devoted to the celebration of life.
We create things for every kind of imagination.
Products that stimulate the senses and refresh the spirit.
Ideas that always surprise, and never disappoint.
Innovations that are easy to love, and effortless to use.
Things that are not essential, but hard to live without.

We are not here to be logical. Or predictable.
We're here to pursue infinite possibilities.
We allow the brightest minds to interact freely, so the unexpected can emerge.
We invite new thinking, so even more fantastic ideas can evolve.

Creativity is our essence.
We take chances.
We exceed expectations.
We help dreamers' dream.

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