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St.Kilda Film Festival Big Picture | Saturday May 19th

Every year the St Kilda Film Festival celebrates short films and music video with a week long festival of screenings and events. See the link below for details.
ACS Victoria has been a long time collaborator with the St Kilda Film Festival. We support the cinematography prize with free membership and we also put on panels/workshops/demos at the Big Picture Day on Saturday May 19th. This year we are running two great discussions and demos.

Ultra Slow Motion Cinematography Come along to experience all the ins and outs of shooting for that silky smooth cinematic finish. With renowned Director/Cinematographer Barry Malseed sharing his amazing experiences and

knowledge of shooting high speed. The latest Phantom 4K Flex camera will be on hand to demonstrate the challenges of achieving the best slow motion cinematography possible.

Where: St Kilda Town Hall 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda. (Gunuwarra Room - 1st floor)
When: 11am Saturday 19th of May 2018
Cost: This is a free event as part of the St Kilda Film Festival, so don't miss out. First come, first served. Room size allows for a limited number of guests. FREE ticket booking available via the links.

Then at 3pm we have celebrated and awarded underwater (and 3D0 cinematographer Pawel Achtel ACS join us for a discussion about his career shooting underwater and the specialised gear he has used and also invented in order to capture breath taking high definition and 3D images. He will show some examples of his work.

Where: St Kilda Town Hall 99A Carlisle Street, St Kilda. (Room - TBA)
When: 3pm Saturday 19th of May 2018
Cost: This is a free event as part of the St Kilda Film Festival, so don't miss out. First come, first served. Room size allows for a limited number of guests. FREE ticket booking available via the links.

Has this 'wet" your appetite to learn so much more?.
Then on Sunday as an ACS Masterclass special Intensive workshop Pawel will conduct a half-day course on the subject at Backlot Studios. Use the link below to book for the Underwater Cinematography Masterclass.

St Kilda Film Festival Big Picture Info »
Book Underwater Masterclass Sunday May 20th with Pawel Achtel ACS »

Between Machine and Mind: Intelligence in Digital Cinema | May 23rd 2018

ACS Members have been invited to this very special and informative evening discussing HDR at ACMI, Federation Square on Weds May 23rd at 6pm.

Very limited numbers. Be Quick. RSVP Essential. Use the LINKS below.

How does the human eye construct reality, and how is it different from the image constructed by a digital camera?

ACMI X and Luna Image presents Professor Marcelo Bertalmío (Spain), whose research is at the forefront of video imaging. By converting intricate processes in the brain into digital imaging algorithms, Professor Bertalmío’s discoveries allow the complex colours of subjective visual experience to be represented on screen. He will be sharing his groundbreaking discoveries connecting visual neuroscience to digital video production.

Join us to learn about vision science models that have been translated into cutting-edge perceptual enhancements, the aesthetics of film vs digital, Wide Color Gamut and the problems with High Dynamic Range (HDR) display.

This is also an opportunity to experience Luna, an imaging process developed based on Professor Bertalmío’s research. Luna is a new image enhancement process for anyone filming, correcting or broadcasting digital video or photoreal animation. Luna can be implemented on-set as an intelligent LUT, allowing directors and cinematographers to view dynamically finished images instantly from the camera.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A session and a brief demonstration of Luna.

About the speakers
Marcelo Bertalmío (Montevideo, 1972) received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from the Universidad de la República, Uruguay, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Minnesota in 2001. Since 2006 he is an Associate Professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain. His publications total more than 9,700 citations and has received numerous accolades for his research. His current interests are in developing image processing algorithms for cinema that mimic neural and perceptual processes in the human visual system allowing the detail and color of human vision to be translated to screen. Professor Bertalmio is working with local technology company Luna to develop a software that will benefit from his years of research.

Luna is a natural imaging system set to revolutionize cinematic storytelling. The team behind Luna combines expertise in film production and computer science to develop cutting-edge intelligent image processing algorithms which provide a rich, organic enhancement of cinema based around scientific models of the human visual system. Their unique processes imbue a texture that is impossible to impart with existing tools, ultimately revolutionising the way movies are captured and viewed. This will lead to less time required to artificially ‘color’ a film, less equipment required to illuminate a scene and a more realistic cinematic experience, particularly on HDR displays. They are leaving behind emulation of celluloid to explore the future aesthetic of electronic imaging - starting with a detailed reproduction of human vision leading to a truer-to-life filmic presence, evolving the art of cinematic storytelling.
Luna has been a participant of the ACMI Xcel Creative Tech Accelerator.

Learn more about this event »
RSVP and Book your place. VERY limited places. Be Quick »

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