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April Drop In
National Awards
ARRI Academy Workshops
Archive Your Data
CineKids Workshop
Cinema Pioneers Visit
ASE Movie Night
DJI Masters Salon

April Drop In

Storm Ashwood

Our guest at the April Drop In will be director, Storm Ashwood. Storm's work in the film industry has been recognised both nationally and internationally. His talent for writing began at an early age, winning an award for a controversial short play "The Wrong Pub" at the age of twelve.

Storm will talk about his strategy in setting out to write scripts and work on set until he eventually was in a position to become a feature film director. With over 18 years experience as a writer/director, he has created TVC's, documentaries, music video clips, internal communications, digital and branded content, short films and recently a feature film titled "The School" - currently in post production.

The School

Along the way there were many hurdles. Storm will give us an insight into; not being treated seriously as a director by funding bodies regardless of his award winning shorts, his stubbornness and determination, his decision to keep making shorts, his flutter with camera operating and eventually the goals he started to kicking to become a feature film director.

This promises to be a very interesting Drop In and one not to be missed, so make a date for Thursday 19th April at ACS HQ (address below). As usual doors will be open from 6pm.

2018 47th ACS National Awards For Cinematography

The prestigious 2018 ACS National Awards for Cinematography will be held at the Brisbane Customs House in Queensland on Saturday May 5 at 6pm. The Guest of Honour will be the legendary Australian Actor Ms Noni Hazlehurst AM.

The Gold Award winners from the 2017 State & Territory Awards for Cinematography will be competing for Gold Tripods in most categories except for the CineKids and Student categories where Gold Plaques are awarded.

The highly respected Milli Award for the Australian Cinematographer of the Year will be selected from the National Gold Tripod winners.

If you haven't yet booked your ticket, now's the time, the Awards are just around the corner.

For full details, including accommodation information, go here:

2018 ACS National Awards - reserve your seat here. »

ARRI Academy Workshops

ACS sponsor ARRI is happy to announce that Florian Retich, Senior Trainer for ARRI Academy at ARRI HQ in Munich will be travelling to Australia for two Certified User Training sessions in April/May. We're offering a two day workshop on Camera Systems and a one day workshop on our Electronic Control System in Sydney. Limited to 12 participants, each course will enhance your knowledge of topics such as exposure for HDR and carrying metadata from pre-production into post. Whether you're an industry professional looking for a refresher on new technologies or a camera assistant looking to step up in the industry, these courses will extend your skill-set and give you confidence in your abilities.

ACS members are entitled to a 10% discount using the code ACS10 - this can be applied for at the ticket page.

For further details and to book your spot use these links:

Electronic Control System »
Camera Systems »

Hard drives are not Archives

Is you precious work stored on these?

Do you back up your projects on hard drives? Hard drives are not archives! Hard drives are not built to last longer than 5 or so years. Archive your valuable data on the industry standard archive media: LTO tape (30 year lifespan).

Recently ACS NSW decided it needed a more reliable digital archive system rather than the existing collection of hard drives. For future reference and security, multiple copies of the ACS data needed to be archived in a safe and efficient manner - digital tape appeared to be the best solution. NSW member Joshua Marks offered to perform the back up using his state of the art LTO tape drive. Joshua has now completed the task and the ACS data is now safely archived and stored at multiple locations.

Joshua Marks

As cinematographers, most of us probably have various methods of backing up our precious work but if you'd like to feel confident about archiving your images, Joshua is offering a special 20% ACS discount on LTO archiving.
For more information go to or contact Joshua directly.

CineKids Workshop

Another successful basic lighting workshop for CineKids was held at the ACS HQ on Sunday 15th April.
Lead by Richard Wilmot the 6 CineKids attending learnt some basic, simple lighting set ups that may help them to improve some of their lighting techniques in their future film making.
Discussing colour temperature, different sources of light (hard and soft ), light intensity and different ways of using these lights they set up and recorded two scenes.
One set up was for a night time and scary type of lighting and one for a warm sunset feel.
Ezekiel, David, Luca, Darwin, Brady and new CineKid Amelia felt that these techniques would be very valuable when they approach their next project.
The CineKids workshops a great fun and very informative for those attending.

Many thanks to Richard Wilmot, Lizz Vernon, David Wakeley ACS , Marianne Wakeley and David Lewis ACS for making this a great Sunday morning and thank you to Videocraft, AFTRS, and David Wakeley for supplying the camera and lighting gear.

David Wakeley ACS & Richard Wilmot with CineKids - A great Sunday Morning at HQ

Cinema Pioneers Visit HQ

Tim Reid & Sandra Alexander at ACS HQ

Last week NSW President, Roger Lanser ACS, hosted two industry visitors to ACS Headquarters, Tim Reid, President and Sandra Alexander, Secretary of The Society of Australian Cinema Pioneers.

Both were in high praise of the facilities provided to our members and of the level of commitment and dedication that our members have put into the refurbishment and ongoing maintenance of the facility.

Sandra was very impressed by our committee structure and procedures and our monthly industry ‘drop in’ nights, all run voluntarily by ACS committee members. Tim, who has previously been to the HQ, thought the library impressive and a great asset for the ACS as it would be for any Australian Film industry guild.

The visit ended with discussion about the enthusiasm we all had for our industry and for the need to keep our societies both fresh and relevant in an ever changing world.

Tim and Sandra departed saying how impressed they were that the ACS had such a great facility with which to honour cinematographers of past newsreel, cinema and TV production and which houses the equipment used to photograph and record some of Australia’s most important moments in history and which also presents such a warm and inviting vibe.

They wish to remind eligible ACS members to apply to join Cinema Pioneers and to have a look at their website:

Cinema Pioneers »

Australian Screen Editors

The ACS is happy to promote a new initiative by Australian Screen Editors.
ASE MOVIE NIGHT is a monthly event where editors show and discuss their work.

From ASE's Nick Meyers:
"We at the ASE are starting up a new series of events where, just as it says above, Editors can show and discuss their work.
The plan is to establish a regular event at a regular venue. That way you know that each month on that day you can drop in to a MOVIE NIGHT, see some great work and get fascinating insights into its creation.
MOVIE NIGHT is still somewhat experimental and the format may change over time but I’d hope that it can cover all sorts of events and discussions about what we as Editors do.

Future MOVIE NIGHT evenings will include myself delving into "Sweet Country", and examining its structural evolution, Andrea Lang ASE guiding you though the wild terrain of "We Don't Need a Map", and some Classic Australian Films from the past."

ASE Movie Night for April has been confirmed, and this month we are very excited to bring you the acclaimed feature film "Sweet Country". Nick will be unravelling some of the mysteries behind the edit of this Aussie Western.

Members of all film related guilds and AFTRS students are welcome and the evening is free.

So please join us for "Sweet Country".
Monday, the 30th of April
AFTRS Main Theatre,
Nick will be talking from 8pm

DJI Masters Salon - RSVP Now for May 2nd Workshop @ ACS HQ

DJI and the ACS will hold a "DJI Masters Salon". Members are invited to attend the event and Explore New Ways to Film through DJI's cutting-edge technologies.

DJI Masters Salon
1:30pm - 5:30pm
May 2nd, 2018
Level 2/26 Ridge St,
North Sydney

For full details and to register for the event use these links:

Further details »
Register »

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