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An EGM will be held by the Victorian branch of the ACS this THURSDAY March 30th 2017 at 7pm.



To all Current Financial Members of ACS Victoria

This email is to officially inform you that the Victorian Branch of the ACS will be holding an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) on Thursday March 30th 2017 at 7pm at the Cameraquip Theatrette.

Current Victorian President Warwick Field ACS will be resigning his position at the EGM and the position will be made vacant. The position will then be open for election of a new President from nominated candidates received by the ACS on the official Nomination Form. Members will vote and the majority vote will determine the winner.

Available for download (see link below) is a President Nomination form. You are invited to either nominate yourself or another member for the position. Please ensure if you are nominating another member that, 1). They are a current financial member; and, 2). You have discussed with them that they are willing to commit to the position. Financial corporate members of the Victorian Branch are eligible to nominate themselves or another eligible candidate to the position using the Nomination Form. The form must be completed and submitted to the ACS no later than Sunday March 26th at 7pm.

IMPORTANT: ACS Victorian Members who are eligible to vote, nominate and stand for committee positions must meet the following requirements:
They are paid-up, financial corporate members of the ACS Victorian Branch which includes Active, Full, Accredited, Life and Retired Members.
CineKids, Student, Associate and Honorary Members are NOT eligible to vote, nominate or stand for the position.

The closing date for nominations is Sunday 26th March 2017 at 7pm. Any nominations received after this time will be void. Please email the completed form to the ACS Victoria email address below.

If you feel strongly that you wish to vote but cannot attend the EGM then please contact Adam Russ for a proxy voting form.

You are welcome to contact Warwick Field ACS for information regarding the role and obligation of the President prior to March 26th 2017. Phone: 0417 380 172 or email
For other enquires contact the Secretary, Adam Russ. Phone: 0413 714 850

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the Victorian Branch of the ACS
Agenda: Resignation of current President and Election of new President.
Date: Thursday March 30th 2017 at 7pm
Venue: Cameraquip Theatrette, 434 Clarendon St South Melbourne VIC 3205
Nomination Closing Date: Sunday March 26th 2017 at 7pm

Click here to download the President Nomination Form »

From Victorian President, Warwick Field ACS

Dear Members,
Regrettably I am compelled to retire from my position as President of the ACS Victorian Branch due to pressing professional and personal obligations and commitments.
In 2013 I took over the Presidency. They were big shoes to fill after Alan Cole ACS had led the ACS for 4 years. I was feeling very much out my depth, but with the support of Alan and my fantastic committee during the indoctrination period I soon felt empowered to take the reins of ACS. We have since made great steps forward with the Branch driven by a commitment to our members and the constant hunger for education, advancement of technical skills, sharing of the art, the nurturing of emerging talent and the rewarding our a vast talent pool at our Annual Awards for Cinematography.

It has been a great ride for which I am sincerely grateful for being afforded the opportunity to add my voice to the history of the ACS. I believe we have achieved a lot and forged many new and exciting opportunities, events and relationships in the industry. Cinematography is in a very exciting transition as it joins all the other art forms and media in the global arena in a more interactive and immediate way. The Victorian Branch can be extremely proud to have among our ranks cinematographers acclaimed on the international stage. Given our relatively small population, it's quite remarkable that we boast such a high percentage of world class cinematographers. It's not by chance. Their success is due to hard work, commitment, diligence, continuing education and striving for perfection. It is also because we, the Australian Cinematographers Society, try very hard to create an environment that supports and inspires cinematographers and that possibly gives them the opportunity to continuously improve their craft. I unabashedly credit our ACS for being part of that.

Moving forward, the ACS will commit to its agenda to serve and support cinematographers and those fans of cinematography. I don't doubt my successor will take ACS Victoria onward and upward. But please remember they can't do it alone. The ACS is not "them", it's also "you" and "me". Our society can only be as good as our members and together we form something worthwhile and of value. Take part, take part ownership, get involved, put up your hand, attend events, show off your wonderful work to your friends, family and colleagues. Be proud. It's not always easy being a cinematographer - sometimes it's the long hours on set or the long time away from home, the unpredictable diary, perhaps the tough conditions, occasional self-doubt, and always the pressure to deliver. So take the praise and benefits when they come and be the one at the party who when asked, says "I'm a cinematographer" and you see their eyes light up. "Really? Cool", they say. It's a special career, a passion and the ACS supports you.

See you at the next ACS Event.

Warwick Field ACS

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